SUMMARY: statd under Sol 2.3

From: Thomas Koetter (
Date: Fri Jan 13 1995 - 22:29:20 CST

The problem is solved.

It was not a new one. One answer tells me that this is a FAQ. Another
one gave me two documents of SunSolve regarding this problem.

Nevertheless I've got several answers, and nearly all recommended to check
the directory /etc/sm.bak.

The solution was to kill the rpc.statd on the server, remove
/etc/sm.bak/<client machine> and to restart rpc.statd.

This is valid for Solaris 1.1.

For Solaris 2.x it was recommended also to kill the rpc.lockd before
removing. Of course, it has to be restarted afterwards.

Many thanks to (order of incoming mails): Kevin Sheehan Tim Evans Anthony Brent Chivers Michael Seeger
csfb1!japan! Henry Ng Gerhard Lausser Guido Raymakers Paulo Licio de Geus Sharon Joseph-Tatta Brett Bartick

Original Question:

Dear Admins

I've a small but strange problem with one of our Suns:

Our network constists of one Sol.1.1 machine (NIS-master) and several
Sol. 2.3 machines (Classics, S5, S10, NIS-clients).

For one NIS-client (S5) the NIS-master complaints

rpc.statd: cannot talk to statd at panodra
                                   Name of the machine

I've checked the configuration of pandora, but I can't find a difference
to other clients. The statd on pandora is running. Rebooting was no solution.

The networking to and from pandora is alright (rsh, telnet, nfs ...).

What is the problem ?



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