Summary: DHCP

From: Craig Hunt (
Date: Wed Jan 11 1995 - 23:54:03 CST

My orginal question was about the availablility of a DHCP server that
can run on a Sun system. I received a few "me-too's" so I thought I
better summarize to the list.

Two commercial products were mentioned. One is the SolarNet product
from Sun. It runs under Solaris and provides a DHCP server, among other
things. Competitive Automation, Inc. (415) 321-4006 sells a DHCP server
for SunOS and Solaris.

Some people recommended the lastest version of bootp. I dug out
version 2.4.0 from
// It
appears to support RFC 1533 but I'm not sure about automatic or dynamic
address allocation. (I have my doubts.)

Thanks to all who responded:
        glenroy!! (Laird McCulloch) (Dan Stromberg) (Greg Coleman) (Leigh HUME)
        david@srv.PacBell.COM (Ted Nolan)
        David.Miner@East.Sun.COM (Dave Miner)


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