From: Steve Dickson (
Date: Wed Jan 11 1995 - 03:09:58 CST

User on a 3270 host telnets onto our 4/670 running Solaris 2.3. When he
attempts to send mail using mailx and uses ^D to terminate the message, he
gets a core dump and the session hangs.
I was looking for some general way of changing the 3270 keyboard mapping to
the more familiar ASCII character set.

The quick workaround for the mailx ^D problem is to tell the user to terminate
the mail message with a full-stop "." on a new-line. This is equivalent to
^D under mailx. This will only work for users whose .mailrc contains the line
"set dot".

However, this is not an entirely satisfactory solution to the underlying problem
of incompatible keyboard mappings. A more general solution to problems of this
sort is to use the stty command. This allows you to change the mapping of any of
the cntrl key->commands. The manual pages contain all the relevant information.

Another sugestion was to use the "dd" command which has the ability to convert
EBCDIC to ASCII for stdin and stdout. See the man pages for details.

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