SUMMARY: Solaris 2.3 PPP problems.

From: Cengiz Akinli (
Date: Mon Jan 09 1995 - 18:49:22 CST

Actually, this isn't really a summary, but just a post if the cure.

The problem:

We have a single SS2 to act as our web & ftp servers and route some traffic
to and from the Internet. It runs Solaris 2.3. Well, the PPP module that
comes with that is screwy. So I descrewified it, with the approporiate
patch (101425-04). Great!!! Now it connects!!! But, faithfully, after
30 or 40 seconds each time, it disconnects!

The solution:

Someone wrote me and told me that if the other side is using Morningstar
PPP, that they need to set some switch for it to work with Solaris PPP.

It was one of many suggestions, and since I didn't yet know the package on
the other end, I noted it, and (evidently, since I can't find it) trashed
the message.

Well, meanwhile, someone reads over my logfile and says that I shouldn't
be getting all these LQM (status report) packets. It's always an LQM
packet that's the last thing received before the disconnect so these
might be worth looking into.

Meanwhile, I get one of the tech guys at the provider on the phone and
ask him what PPP package they run. Guess.

Morningstar, it is. Ooohhhh, now where's that email........ aaarrrrggghh!

I can't find it!!!

Luckily, when I told him that someone didn't think I should be getting all
these LQM packets, he was able to figure out what option to set. He did,
and now it works!

SUMMARY: To get Solaris 2.4 PPP (or 2.3 w/ patch) to work correctly with
Morningstar PPP, the Morningstar machine must have the "nolqm" option

Hope this helps somebody.


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