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Date: Sun Jan 08 1995 - 13:47:42 CST

 Recently I asked:
 I would like to hear about anybody's experience using the
SS1000 as an Oracle server running Oracle7 and Solaris 2.x.
In particular, how well does Oracle7 make use of multiple

 Eight responses have been received as of now.
 Of these, three people are now installing this configuration or plan
 to do so in the near future, one would like to know what we find out,
 and four have info. from observing or installing it.
 Nobody had anything bad to say and there seems to be great satisfaction
 with the installed systems.
 Mark Sigler provided the following particulars concerning Oracle's
 architecture relative to MP systems:
   Oracle has an excellent architecture
   to take advantage of SMP systems,
   most notably the Sun 1000/2000.
   Most of the functions, like the
   db-writer and log-writer, are implemented
   as individual processes that are either
   dedicated or shared among tasks.
   The OS, Solaris, schedules these processes
   across multiple CPU's in a balanced and
   transparent fashion. The use of independent
   readers and writers with concurrency control
   in conjunction with the multi-threaded SMP OS
   allows for very high scalability and throughput.

 Thanks to the following and apologies to anybody who may have been left out: (Steve Kirkpatrick) (Paul D. Ricketts) (Orville Aldrich 267-6916)
 Gary Merinstein <> (Mark Sigler)
 hebert@sunrock.East.Sun.COM (Jim Hebert {*Prof Services} Sun Rochester)
 Darren Cooper <>

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