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Date: Thu Jan 05 1995 - 08:19:46 CST

Hi all,

On Dec 20, I sent out a request as quoted:
"Has anyone written any code to send messages using IXO standards to
Paging Companies for alpha-numeric pagers."

I thank all for the responses offered!

Sorry I did not summarize earlier but I was spreading some Christmas cheer
with several old buddies and bottles of beer. No state to write letters in!

Here it goes:

It seems that several persons gave the program "tpage" as the solution to the
problem. It worked! Here are exerpts from emails:

You want to use 'tpage' - see the log excerpt below for the latest version.
Tpage is a fairly comprehensive implementation of what's needed for
system management.

You will also need perl for this to work. opened at Tue Dec 20 16:28:06 1994
        -> "/pub/ixo/README.tpage" received, 20.99 Bytes/s.
        -> "/pub/ixo/tpage.shar.gz" received, 188.07 Bytes/s.

Brian Coogan, Tel: (03) 203 7851
Telecom Atlas Project. Mobile: 0414 266 426 Fax: (03) 203 7842
The tpage sw is on in /pub/ixo. You may want also to
subscribe by sending a mail to ixo-request@Warren.MENTORG.COM.
Good luck.
There is a program called 'tpage' (another version
floating around is called 'ixocico'.xxxxx. We have
it installed here and works well with a few minor
modifications. Note that it works under SunOS 4.1.x.
We've looked at porting it to Solaris but decided that
was a mountain we didn't want to climb yet.
look for a package called ixobeeper or tpage (try

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I received your request in a roundabout fashion, but there is a program 
named tpage that does exactly what you are asking for.  If you do an
Archie search (or use Lycos on the WWW) with a keyword of tpage you can
locate the most current source.  The IXO (TAP) standard is also available
at many sites on the Internet, along with helpful annotations.

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I had already found it on the WWW before receiving replys but was investigating it at the time. Several other people wanted the results of the request, and some people had products to sell.

Thanks to all,

Larry Franko Network Capacity and Surveillance Bell-Northern Research Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 613-763-54760

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