SUMMARY of SUMMARY Re: Printing on Tek 4696 Printers

From: John Konc 3376 ICB3C fnts07 (
Date: Fri Dec 31 1993 - 11:35:22 CST

Re: Printing to a Tektronix 4696 Ink Jet Printer

 Getting and using ghostscript was the answer. I am greatly indebted to the
helpfulness and patience of Jim Craven of the Geological Survey of Canada,
as well as help from Mark Anderson, Fabrice at UCLA, R.W. Paskin, Glenn Satchell
and Paul Woods.

 Ghostscript built on a SunOS 4.X behaves well on a Solaris-2.3 machine.

                                           Thanks again,

                                             John Konc

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