SUMMARY: csh alias with .openwin-init?

From: David Mostardi (
Date: Thu Dec 30 1993 - 15:52:11 CST

I'd like to be able to use my csh aliases in the .openwin* files.
For example, say I have this csh alias:

        alias window1 'cmdtool -Wp 0 450 -Ws 980 415 -WP 1072 114 -Wt ...

Then, in .openwin-init I'd say:

        toolwait window1

And in .openwin-menu I'd say

        "Window 1" window1

The .openwin-init file is written in 'sh', so 'csh' aliases won't work.
The easiest solution is to use environment variables:

        setenv WINDOW1 'cmdtool .....'

and then in .openwin-init:

        toolwait $WINDOW1

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