SUMMARY: Sunlink DNI troubles

From: Bill Hanlon (
Date: Thu Dec 30 1993 - 14:35:55 CST

I hesitate to post a summary - response has been underwhelming.
One (1), repeat, one response from someone with a similar problem,
who has learned to live with it.
Attention Sun Managers, you *can* do better! I re-post the original
problem below:

Hello Sun Managers,

We are experiencing a mysterious and annoying problem with Sunlink DNI,
which is impacting adversely on patient care here at the hospital.
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

While transferring files from a VAX/VMS system to a Sparc 2, the dni software
will often get into an odd state and return the nfars error: NF_EINAPPOP,
"inappropriate operation". Once in this state the software cannot recover,
and any subsequent dni commands return this same error.

Stopping and restarting DNI does not help. Rebooting the Sparcstation
does help; the dni software will then work normally for a while. This
happens about once per day or so.

This is especially frustrating because the files being transferred are used
clinically as part of a radiation therapy treatment plan. There are patients
with stereotactic frames screwed to their heads waiting for the file transfer
to complete, so that their treatment planning procedure can commence.

The systems are Sparc 2, SunOS V4.1.1, Sunlink DNI V7.0, and VAX/VMS V5.3.

Thanks, very much in advance for your help.

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