SUMMARY: Sbus printer card drivers

Date: Thu Dec 30 1993 - 13:30:07 CST

Earlier, I posted the following to the list:

| I'm doing some work for a neighboring site here helping them to set
| up a small network of Sun IPC's and one SS2. I don't have a lot of
| experience with SunOS (4.1.1 by the way). Anyway, the SS2 has an Sbus
| printer card (lpvi?). These drivers are not a stock part of the kernel but
| they had a tape labelled Sbus Printer Drivers. So I did the
| `extract_unbundled' bit and installed the drivers. The driver code was
| installed via `modload'. We don't have any documentation and there isn't
| anything helpful in the man pages for the drivers. What I'd like to know
| is whether or not I will have to re-load the drivers each time the machine
| is booted. I would have rebooted to find out but people are using the
| machine so why bother? There is a script that was installed
| (SPARCprinterInstall or somesuch) which automates the loading process.
| Should I call this script in /etc/rc before starting lpd?

The response was overwhelming! Yes, you are required to reload the
driver at each reboot. It turns out that the `extract_unbundled' procedure
adds an entry to your rc.local like the following:

# Load SPARCprinter drivers.
if [ -f /etc/load.SPARCprinter ]; then
        sh /etc/load.SPARCprinter > /dev/console

This script loads the necessary device drivers into the kernel.

As it turns out, this was tested last night as there was a power outage
and the machine rebooted when power was restored. The drivers were loaded
and printing still works great!

Thanks for the response!

Johannes Grosen
ISC System Administrator
North Dakota State University				(701)237-8282

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