SUMMARY: nfs mounts

From: S. Cowles (
Date: Wed Dec 29 1993 - 14:23:57 CST

Original problem:

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                Sun Sparc 10/41
                Solaris 2.1
                Apple PowerBook 180
                Tenon MachTen 2.1VM

when i request nfs mounts on the powerbook from the solaris server, the
server refuses, giving the following messages:

NFS request from unprivileged port.
nfs_server: weak authentication

what do i need to alter on the server to allow nfs mounts from the
solaris server onto the powerbook client? where can i RTFM the
appropriate material? (nfs mounts from a SunOS 4.1.3 server work just
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The cause and workaround fix are:

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>From Wed Dec 29 06:30 PST 1993

this indicates that the PowerBook NFS client is sending NFS requests
from a port # > 1023. The SunOS/Solaris NFS server can be configured to
disallow this. The reason for this is that on a normal unix host
any user can write and execute an NFS client that can fake any UNIX
credential. But since such programs cannot allocate reserved ports,
the server protects itself and your data by disallowing access from
non-reserved ports.

You can fix this by setting:

        set nfs:nfs_portmon = 0

in your /etc/system file.
(If there is a line saying set nfs:nfs_portmon = 1, remove that
line instead).

Note that this makes NFS operations much easier to subvert.
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Many thanks to all who replied.


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