SUMMARY: Solaris1.1.1 and SUN4m

From: John Malick (
Date: Wed Dec 29 1993 - 11:08:33 CST

Original posting:

|I am just getting ready to install Solaris1.1.1 onto a SPARC10 model 51.
| My question is do you need to load the Sun4m Supplemental patch as was needed
| in Solaris1.1 ver. A. There is no info in the release notes regarding this
| matter...

The overwhelming answer seems to be that you do NOT need to load the Sun4m
supplemental patch with Solaris 1.1.1. The bug fixes are already applied
although I don't see them listed in the release notes. I could be just
over looking it..

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Mike Rembis
Glenn Satchell
Peter shipley
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