Summary: rsh connection refused

From: Phil Hoff (
Date: Tue Dec 28 1993 - 16:50:58 CST

Around a month ago I posted that I had the following problem.

> 1. When I "rsh -n $host ls"
> I got " connection refused"
> 2. If I rebooted the machine the problem seemed to go away

After hours of troubleshooting and working with sun, we have come to this
        The problem only happens at boot time. It is basically a NIS problem.
What happens is inetd tries to get YP services map and fails. We see errors in
/var/adm/messages that look like
"/var/adm/messages:Dec 24 00:05:15 swigate6_sbcny inetd[168]: telnet/tcp: unknown service
/var/adm/messages:Dec 24 00:05:15 swigate6_sbcny inetd[168]: shell/tcp: unknown service
/var/adm/messages:Dec 24 00:05:18 swigate6_sbcny inetd[168]: time/udp: unknown service
/var/adm/messages:Dec 24 00:05:19 swigate6_sbcny inetd[168]: echo/udp: unknown service"

This is particularly apparent when we are rebooting 200 machines and the
ypslaves are bogged down.

Sun suggested solution is to bounce inetd at the end of the rc.local.

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