SUMMARY: Strange messages when copying to a remote host

From: Stefano Bonacina (stefano@agcis1.agcis.ST.IT)
Date: Tue Dec 28 1993 - 12:39:00 CST

Dear Sun Managers,
thanks very much to all who responded.
One week ago I've sended this question:

> When trying to copy a file from my host to a remote one I get the following
> message:
> rddelhi> rcp trial rddelhi@del01rd:/rd04a/rddelhi
> Where are you?
> Please note that:
> - my user here is rddelhi and has the same uid as the remote rddelhi;
> - the .rhosts of the user rddelhi on the remote machine includes my machine
> name and rddelhi.
> With rlogin I can log in that machine.

As Bill Stapleton (first answerer) suggested, it was a problem of the remote
In fact there was the prompt setting before the statement
        if ( ! $?prompt ) exit
and in this way all stty operations were executed.

Thanks a lot to: Bill Stapleton Colin Panisset Eckhard R=FCggeberg Janet Ulrich
Claus Assmann <>
David Deaves <>

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