SUMMARY: edt editors

Date: Fri Dec 17 1993 - 22:02:36 CST

Original request:
    I have several old VMS users who can not tolerate the 'vi' editor.

    Does anyone know of a shareware version of the famous VMS 'edt' editor.
    I tried archie by searching for 'edt' and 'sedt' but got hundreds of
    other files that matched but were not what I wanted. A simple curses
    based version would be great since we use several different types of
    serial line terminals.

    Thanks, and yes I will summarize.

1) emacs version 19.2???, it has a VMS EDT editor emulation.
2) tput-edt emulator with emacs.
3) sedt is available on the DEC OSF/1 freeware CD.

Other possible solutions.
1) A mail package called 'pine' has a simple editor called 'pico'.
2) An editor called 'jed' from

Special thanks to all who replied, there were too many to mention individually.

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