SUMMERY: shared library problem

From: Andreas Sorgatz (
Date: Wed Dec 15 1993 - 18:39:39 CST

Thanks to Russ Poffenberger for his answer.
My original posting was:

>I create a shared library '' with
> ...
>and everything works fine. But now I need to link the C-math-library
>(-lm) to ''. Unfortunately there's only a static version (libm.a) so
> ld -assert pure-text -o out.o -lm
>and all my other attempts to create a correctly working sha-lib
>'' failed. Please can anybody tell me:
> * if and how I can link a static lib to a sha-lib, or
> * how I can get/create a dynamic version of libma.a answered:

I asked Sun this a while back. Their answer was that performance would be bad,
and other reasons why the math lib is not dynamic. They had no plans to make
a shared version.

You cannot link in static code to a make a shared library since you need the
modules compiled with -pic, the modules in libm are not compiled this way.

If you can get source from Sun, you could always create your own.

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