SUMMARY: SunOS 4.1.3 on Sparc 10-52?

From: Randy Olsson (
Date: Mon Dec 13 1993 - 10:41:04 CST

Original question:
> Can I run SunOS 4.1.3 on Sparc 10-52 or do I have to run SunOS 5.X
> (Solaris 2.X)? I know that Sun marketing says no. I have heard others
> say yes. What are the implications?

# Yes responses: 25
# No responses: 2

Selected representive responses:

> To get 4.1.3 to install you will need to take out one of the cpus.
> Once it is installed, you can put the cpu back in and it should
> work. Sun did not test this configuation with 4.1.3 and you may
> run in to MT race conditions. We found and corrected such problems
> with the Cypress cpus, but not for the TI cpus. Mt race condition
> typically lead to system halts. If this machine is in a production
> environment, I would advise against doing this.
> Tim Sampson

> Yes, if the ROMS are at rev 2.12 or newer. Older ROMS, 2.8, do not
> work.
> I write this on a 52 thats been up 24 days running 4.1.3.
> There are apparently problems at high load; I tested with a variety of
> large jobs bringing the load to about 8 for 10 minutes and didn't see
> a problem.
> Adam

> I have run a SS10/52 with SunOS 4.1.3 without any problems. I suppose the
> main implication is that the CPU's will run as a master and a slave rather
> than as two symmetric processors which is theoretically what Solaris 2.x will
> provide.
> -Cameron

> Sun released 4.1.3 for a nominal fee around 2 months ago for the sun4m
> architecture. YES is your answer.
> --Rob.

> We have had a Sparc 10-52 running SunOS 4.1.3 for the past 5 months with no
> significant problems. FYI it has patches : 100726-05, 101043-01 installed.
> The average uptime is well over a month.
> Nick Murray

> Yes it does work. I have two machines running. It works fine an stable.
> Either use the generic kernel or add the multi-processor option to your
> kernelconfig. (see GENERIC for that).
> By the way: Our Sun sales person said that it did work. Even the installation
> manual said that it would not work, but it works. But remember:
> First build a multiprocessorkernel even if you have only one CPU-Installed and
> then install the second cpu, or you might have real trouble.
> Greetings Roland.

> It seems to be common Sense that
> a) this Config will work,
> b) it will even do Multithreading,
> c) it won't do SYMMETRIC Multithreading,
> d) this will have a noticeable Impact on plain Power when the Load is high.
> J. Bern

> You need to run SunOs 4.1.3 "C".
> Neil J Serdinsky

> Yes you can run the SS10-52 with Solaris 1.1. Sun marketing wants you to
> run Solaris 2.3. But just say NO to Solaris 2.x until Solaris 2.4 hits t
> the strees in April '94. The implications are if you run Solaris 1.1 on your
> machine Sun will say that this is not supported. what this means is if you
> have software problems Sun will not give support. But so what, Sun is not
> give a lot of support for Solaris 2.3 either. Did you know that Solaris 2.3
> is on the street less than 4 weeks & there 7 mandatory patches for it.
> richard wong

Thanks to all who responded. (Too many to list)

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