SUMMARY:esp0 errors with multiple cd's

From: eddy keller (
Date: Sat Dec 11 1993 - 09:00:17 CST

Problem restated:
> Platform: 4/20 - SPARCstation SLC
> System Config: 16 MB memory
> SunOS 4.1.2
> Sun 0669 External Disk (addr sd0)
> Problem:
> I am trying to add multiple CD-ROM units to this system. The
> CD-ROM unit (Sony) consists of 2 drives in one chassis. I can
> add the first unit without any problem (sr0 at target 6 and sr1 at
> target 5), however when I add the second unit (sr2 at target 1 and
> sr3 at target 2) I get SCSI transport failures (from /var/adm/messages):
> Nov 9 15:47:19 napali vmunix: sd0: SCSI transport failed: reason 'data_ovr': retrying command
> Nov 9 15:47:19 napali vmunix: esp0: data transfer overrun
> Nov 9 15:47:19 napali vmunix: State=DATA Last State=DATA_DONE
> Nov 9 15:47:19 napali vmunix: Latched stat=0x10<XZERO> intr=0x10<BUS> fifo 0x0
> Nov 9 15:47:19 napali vmunix: last msg out: <unknown msg 0xff>; last msg in: COMMAND COMPLETE
> Can someone please enlighten me on what the system is telling me? I would think
> the system could support more than 2 CD-ROM devices so I think this must be
> telling me something about a problem with the devices on the bus.
> Any suggestions??

Many thanks to those who responded. Many reminded me about reconfiguring
the kernel - good advice but I've been at this a while and that is not something
I'd miss. (Dances on keyboards) reminded me to go back
to basics and that is what I did. I made sure the external cables were good,
tested each of the units(varying the addresses on each unit) separately, and
finally ended up having to put the unit with SCSI addrs 1 & 2 before addr 5 & 6.
This still wouldn't work quite right until I removed the terminator from the
2nd unit.
Again thanks to all you who responded: (Hans-J. Nagel) (Peter Samuel) (Tim Evans) (Claude Marinier) (Joseph C. Konczal) (Dan Stromberg) (Dances on keyboards)


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