SUMMARY: PCNFS print problem

Date: Sat Dec 11 1993 - 04:03:45 CST

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Thank you very much for those who reply.
This is my previous question:
> Hello,
> I have a user in our network who uses pcnfs on his PC. We have a dedicated
> Sun's print server. Anybody on the network can print to this print server
> except his PC. I installed the rpc.pcnfsd version 2 supplied from PC-NFSv5.0.
> I exported /var in the /etc/exports file, and I added his machine name
> in the /etc/hosts.equiv.
> He claimed that when he does a command:
> >net printers PRINTER_SERVER
> he would see lists of supported printers displayed. But when he tried to
> >net use lpt1: PRINTER_SERVER:lp
> he'd get errors: There is no printer named lp on server PRINTER_SERVER.

rpc.pcnfsd also required that a /var/spool/pcnfs directory created in the
printer server. As soon as I did this, it works!.


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