From: Peter Allott (
Date: Thu Dec 09 1993 - 12:48:56 CST

I originally asked;

==Please could you let me know if I am correct in the following
==statements which are the outcome of my investigation
==Sun's 4.1.x talk program uses protocol "talk" 517/udp
==Dec (RISC Ultrix) talk program uses protocol "ntalk" 518/udp
==Dec (RISC Ultrix) have a program called otalk which uses protocol "talk"
== BUT due to a byte order problem does not work with SUN's talk.
==There is a public domain program ntalk which when built on a Sun uses
==protocol "ntalk" and works with DECs talk program.
==We are mainly a SUN/DEC mixed site so I can see a way out for us, but can you
==e-mail me as to "what the world outside our campus does in this respect"
==I will mail a summary.

The general oppinion of the net is that I am correct.

Eckhard R|ggeberg (Carl Brewer)
Lloyd "C." Cha <>
Ian Angles <> (Eckhard Rueggeberg)>

- suggested I obtain ytalk which it is claimed can use both protocols

Ian Angles <>
jason andrade <>
Daeshik Kim <>

- Explained the differences in terms of BSD versions

The general impression is that most sites use ntalk. Though I guess many are
still fighting the problems we found.

Quite a few people suggested talk was a toy - One or two of our reseach
groups find it much cheeper than BT (or Mercury) voice links for
transatlantic discussiona.

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