SUMMARY: how do you do DB backups on a 7x24 system?

Date: Thu Dec 09 1993 - 12:20:09 CST

Here is the original question followed by the summary. Original question:
> I am interested in your experience with 7x24 systems (i.e. with NO
> scheduled down-time every week) as in how do you do DB backups when
> you can not bring the system down or even bring a DB into quiescent
> no-activity mode.
> My intended configuration is with the latest Oracle DB with raw DB
> partitions on a SPARCcenter 2000 but I will entertain other
> configurations. I will summarize. Thanks.

The summary includes a) feature in the DBMS itself, and b) special
pseudo device driver packages like Online Disksuite:

1. Oracle (v6 and up) has a "hot backup" feature.
2. Informix Online (v5.01) supports "hot backup" with the dbspace
        archives while activity goes into the logical logs.
3. Sybase System 10 has a replicated server that supports "hot backup".
4. Mirror the DB partition with products like Online Disksuite, then
        temporarily break the mirror to back up the detached partition.
        (ed. - we had considered this option but a) it leaves a window
        of vulnerability, and b) someone on my project told me it takes
        hours to back up our DB and hours to re-sync the mirrors again.
        We have a 20-30 Gb DB when not mirrored.)
5. AFS filesystem from Transarc has checkpointing that allows for on-line
        backups. (ed. - not sure if AFS supports raw partitions.)
        Contact Transarc Corp. 412-338-4400.
6. Delta Microsystems has a pseudo device driver product called
        FreezeFrame that uses another partition as a cache of only the
        changed disk blocks. This works on raw partitions too.
        Contact Delta Microsystems 510-449-6881.
7. Minimus Software also has a pseudo device driver product called Snap
        that does something very similar to FreezeFrame. Contact
8. Run backup on an active system. (ed. - not an option for us.)

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David C. Kwong

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