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I asked this question yesterday:

>> We are doing some training on a bunch of Sun workstations.
>> We would like the instructor to demonstrate on his workstation
>> and have the output of his screen show up on the students
>> workstation screens.
>> Does anyone sell a box (video splitter?) that will send the graphics
>> output of one workstation to several others. Is there other ways
>> to do this?

It turns out that there are both software and hardware solutions to this:


The following programs were recommended as software solutions. I have not
had time to actually try any of them.

xtv (free software)
xwatchwin (free software)
xmx (free software)
show me (Sun product, not free)

Other suggestions were to check out the FAQs for the newsgroups
comp.window.x and comp.groupware which might list other programs.


The following companies sell video splitters and video distribution amps.
A video distribution amp will amplify the video signal and allow multiple
monitors to be placed a long distance form the workstation originating the
video signal.

Extron Electronics
13554 Larwin Circle
Sante Fe Springs, CA 90670
(213) 802-8804

Little Silver, NJ
(908) 842-5757

Black Box Corp.
(412) 746-5500


Free software is free but some people said they had trouble compiling and
configuring various free software solutions. Also, in a multi-vendor
environment you have to get the software to compile and run on different

Hardware solutions require little configuration, only cabling, but it costs
money. Also, if used in an instructor/student setting, the workstations may have
to be recabled when the demo ends and the students start to use their
individual workstations.

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