SUMMARY: Facts about Solaris 2.x, NIS and NIS+

From: Vasantha Narayanan (vnarayan@ACC.HAVERFORD.EDU)
Date: Thu Dec 09 1993 - 00:50:35 CST

My original message:

>We are in the process of planning how to make the move to Solaris 2.x. My
>understanding of the facts about SunOS, NIS, Solaris 2.x and NIS+ is as
>Fact #1) You can not have a server running solaris 2.x and be part of NIS
>(unless you buy a seperate package for doing this).
>Fact #2) If your master runs NIS+ then you can not have a 4.x client.
>Are these true?
>Assuming it is, if we want to make the move to solaris, we have to start
>swithching our NIS client machines to Solaris and make it a client to our
>old NIS. The minute we convert a server (even a slave) to Solaris 2.x, we
>can not run NIS any more. At that point we have to start running NIS+. In
>which case all our clients should already have been converted to Solaris.
>Is the above true? Please let me know.
>Knowledge of the above would be very helpful for our 18-month plan.
>Thanks in advance.
>Vasantha Narayanan
>Academic Computing Center
>Haverford College, PA email:


I received a variety of responses. Here are the facts as I understand them:

1) You can not convert a NIS Slave Server to Solaris 2.x and make it still
function as a slave server. After the conversion it can only be an NIS

2) My second fact on the original posting is incorrect. You can have a
NIS+ master running in compatability mode (start the NIS+ daemon with the
-Y flag) and have SunOS 4.x, ULTRIX or any NIS client access the NIS+
server. There are some security considerations like disabling password
shadowing and the inability to have NIS slave servers.

Exactly what is the best way to convert the machines to solaris in not
clear. Exatly what will work is also not clear. At this point we have
installed Solaris 2.3 on one of our machines and we are going to try
various NIS+/NIS configurations as soon as we get another machine. In the
mean time if any one has any experiences with the conversion to NIS+,
please let me know.

I'm going to be away for the next three weeks. So if you do reply to this
summary, do not expect to hear from me till Jan 94.

Many thanks to all those who responded.

Vasantha N.


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