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Date: Tue Dec 07 1993 - 10:08:21 CST

Ooops... Boy, I'm sure glad I apologized in advance.

I had made one small error in my original posting, I said SUID when I
meant SGID.

  Original Question:
>I create a directory owned by group x. When a member of group x creates
>a file in this directory I want it to be owned by group x (even if x is not
>the users default group).
>This use to be done with the sticky (or SID) bit back around 4.1. I imagine
>that it was pulled for some sort of security reasons.
>Bottom line is how do I do this. I can't seem to find a reference in
>Sparc2 and 10 - SunOS 4.1.2 and 4.1.3.
>For future reference how's it done in Solaris 2.3?

As it turns out this functionality (referred to as BSD semantics) IS in
the current Sun 4.1.x releases and is in Solaris 2.2 (should be in 2.3).

When I first tried to set this up for a project that I was doing I
couldn't get it to work. So I logged into an old 4.0 machine and did
the same thing and it worked there.

I wrongly assumed that the functionality was no longer in SunOS. I
have tried to recreate my "problem" but it now works as expected every
time. It had been suggested that I was mounting nosuid but that does
not effect it.

I was directed to the mount man page (how mortifying) where there is an
option "grpid" that will enforce BSD semantics under that mount point
weather or not the GID is set.

Many thanks to all who responded.

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