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Date: Tue Dec 07 1993 - 09:28:01 CST

here's the original post:

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a couple of days ago, i moved a machine from one physical network to another -
it had been on 192.9.210, and now it's on 192.9.200 (we have no internet
connection). updated the host tables on the NIS master, ifconfig'd le0,
changed the DNS tables, and things worked - apparently. now there appears to
be a problem with /etc/hosts.equiv, since people cannot remotely log into the
moved machine without a password. however hosts.equiv has a netgroup in it
which names all the machines, but nothing more specific:

(machinea,,) (machineb,,) (machinec,,)

it's probably relevant that the moved machine is a slave server for the
NIS domain, and i haven't changed its domain.

I'll summarise.

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numerous responses came in, but these mostly consisted of either "rebuild nis
maps/reboot" or advised me to check for standard faults in the netgroup file.
well, rebooting didn't work, i rebuilt the maps several times (no good), and
i hadn't changed the netgroups, and they'd worked for a long time, so...

after more investigation, it turned out that rlogins worked normally
*except* from the gateway machine to the moved machine. the problem was that
i had not added the name of the gateway machine's second interface to the
netgroup. Once that was done, it all worked.

thanks to:
Lloyd "C." Cha <>
stern@sunrise.East.Sun.COM (Hal Stern - NE Area Systems Engineer)
cc_gucky@.alcatel.aaf (Gerhard Holzer)
rich_b@oldham.gpsemi.COM (Richard Bogusz)

...and any others yet to arrive.


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