SUMMARY: Type5 keyboards with X11R5

From: Jason Hargis (Jason.Hargis@PII.COM)
Date: Mon Nov 29 1993 - 22:47:04 CST

        A while ago I posted the following question:

        I have recently installed X11R5 onto our network of Sun, which
        are all running SunOS 4.1.3.

        I have come across the following question/problem:

        On type 5 keyboards the Numeric Keypad will no longer work with
        ANY application, the arrow keys are also NOT functioning. (I
        HAVE read the the FAQ, no help there, also tried using
        xmodmap.. no luck either..)

         Anyone have a .xmodmaprc file they care to share?

The two general answers I received were:

        #1- Apply the sun-kbd patch

        #2- Use an Xmodmaprc file (several were supplied)

I tried a few of the xmodmap examples and had to luck, I then ftp'ed
the sun-kbd patches (check archie). I followed the instructions
supplied with the sun-kbd patches, rebuilt the server. I then
installed and tested the new Xsun server, and type5 keyboard functions
now work great! If anyone is intrested in the xmodmaprc files let me know..

                                Thanks to all who replied,

                                                Jason Hargis
                                                Corp. UNIX Systems Admin.
                                                Praegitzer Industries Inc.

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