SUMMARY: Fujitsu-M2654SA (2.3Gb) drives

From: Mark Gastel (
Date: Fri Nov 26 1993 - 23:25:14 CST

I wrote:


>I've had alot of trouble with these 2.3Gb Fujitsu drives lately and I wonder
>if I've got some jumpers set up wrong. In general these drives chug along
>for a couple of weeks before they show some form of file corruption (the
>controller usually cannot recognize the drive). The only way I have been
>able to fix the the file systems is by going to an alternative superblock.
>I do not feel like waiting for the drives to die has anyone else
>had similar problems?? Anyone know of a "this is what your jumpers should
>look like" document??

My solution:

It seems I had a flaky power supply. The drives would spin up, recognize
the power supply is not reliable and then power down. Replacing the power
supply fixed everything.

Other comments:

1. Get firmware updates for the drives.
2. Check out the document by David D. Ward previously posted to sun-managers.
    This document covers appropriate jumper settings.

Thanks for all the replies.


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