SUMMARY: Solaris 2.1 for x86 - supported network cards?

Date: Tue Nov 23 1993 - 01:48:54 CST

I send this SUMMARY again, because I haven't seen it as distributed mail.
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>From nagel Wed Nov 10 10:02:45 1993
Subject: SUMMARY: Solaris 2.1 for x86 - supported network cards?
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excuse me for the late summary but there were only 4 replies and all in all it'sno good news for me and I have thought I can reach some better information
about that subject. But it seems that no one is interested on Solaris 2.1 for
x86. Sun Soft seems to support only very new hardware.

I'm suprised about that fact. I have 15 PCs (486) under PC-NFS and I have
thougt (really naive!) the same network cards with support under PC-NFS would behave support under Solaris too.

People from SunSoft in Germany said they don't do support such old hardware
(3C523 comes in 1990/91 !!) and can't help me.

Thanks to Anthony Hunter, Matt Mauss, Bill Shorter and Tim Evans.

Tim Evans has sent a official compatability list:
Solaris. for x86 FCS May 1993 supported hardware and hardware scheduled to
support Solaris for x86 in 1993. If someone need this list give me a reply and
I'll send it to them.
Matt Mauss from 3com has sent no other facts yet.

The original query and a short extract of the the answers is following.

Original query:

Subject: Solaris 2.1 for x86 - supported network cards?

I've tried to install Solaris 2.1 for x86 with the 3COM523 ethernet card for microchannel (IBM PS/2 Model 90). It fails and the support in Germany said this network card is not supported. I can't believe that. Does anybody knows someone in the area of SunSoft or 3COM who can give me an exact answer to that problem. We are using PC-NFS for a long period and especially this network card is well supported.

Thanks a lot

Hans-J. Nagel


>From Thu Sep 2 21:39:45 1993
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 93 11:54 PDT
Subject: Solaris 2.1 for x86 - supported network cards?
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i'm at 3com, and, i'm responding unofficially. i'll look into your
request by asking around. the only promise i can make is that i will get
back to you, one way ot the other.

>From Thu Sep 2 17:02:10 1993
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 93 08:01:37 PDT
From: (Anthony Hunter)
Subject: Re: Solaris 2.1 for x86 - supported network cards?
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I have a list of supported x86 hardware from Sun.
3Com Etherlink II (3C503) and 3Com Etherlink III (3C509, 3C529, 3C579) are
on the list. The 3C523 is not. I don't know what the problem could be, but
Sun obviously will not help.


>From Thu Sep 2 19:42:31 1993

>sends the official compatability list

Tim Evans | E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. | Experimental Station
(302) 695-9353/7395 | P.O. Box 80357
EVANSTK AT A1 AT ESVAX | Wilmington, Delaware 19880-0357

>From Fri Sep 3 01:16:43 1993
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 93 13:10:42 EDT
Original-From: aloft!bill (B. Shorter)
Subject: 3COM 523
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The book says that the 523 is not supported. Acutally, it lists
the boards which ARE supported. I do not see the 3COM 3C523 in this

Sun called me yesterday. They are doing a major hardware certification
for x86 Solaris right now. Latest information on what boards are supported
is supposedly available by calling 800-227-9227 in the USA. I don't
know how, or if, you can make such a call from Germany.

Bill Shorter
AT&T-Bell Labs


Thanks to all of you.

Hans-J. Nagel
Dept. Information Science
University of Constance
D-78434 Konstanz
Tel. ++49/7531-88 3535
Fax. ++49/7531-88 2601

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