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From: benetton (
Date: Mon Nov 22 1993 - 23:54:50 CST

i would like to point out that as Aydin Edguer <edguer@alpha.CES.CWRU.Edu> says.
i am infringing the policies of sun-managers rules and appologise for doing
with the ammount of responses i received from people either sending me
or suggesting where i can get the files from (plus people who want a copy
as well) the sun-managers system of helping other sun admin people worked!

Thanks to all who replyed to me ...sorry if i've left some of you out but
the response was so large.....
p.s. to the guy who requested a copy of tcsh, sorry but i lost (deleted your
mail) mail me again and i will send the tcsh to you..

 thanks allen talbot......

repliees are as follows........... (SrA Bruce R Baier) (George Pallas) (Adam Fox)
"Andrew F. Mitchell" <>
"Brian T. Shelden" <>
eddy keller <>
Dave Fetrow <> (Dave Twinam) (ANDY KUMEDA)
raoul@MIT.EDU (John Justin Hough) (SrA Bruce R Baier)
Brian Decker <>
dlogics! (Lewis Muhlenkamp) (George Pallas) (Ramprasad Sampath) (Larry J. Miller) (Danny Johnson) (SrA Bruce R Baier)
smaug! (Paul Hostrup-Jessen)
Mark Ferraretto <> (David St. Pierre) suggested suggested
Brian Decker <> suggested
node <>
 dir <pub/tcsh/> suggested suggested
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