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Date: Mon Nov 22 1993 - 09:59:20 CST

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Date: Wed, 10 Nov 93 18:40:07 EST
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Subject: Synopsis: Backups for Sun

Hello fellow Sun Managers,

In reply to my query for help with backup tools for the Sun:

> Hello,

> I have been using Sun's Backup Copilot for a while and it just stung me. I
> am thinking of just going back to dump/restore and writing my own frontend
> scripts to do VERY simple tape library management.

> My question is simple: Does anybody know of any scripts that have already
> been developed to do this, or, does anyone recommend any (REASONABLE PRICED)
> backup tools.

> Thanks for the help

I received a wonderful number of responses. First, let me start by answering
a question many people had about Backup Copilot from Sun. Backup Copilot got
me into trouble because I am (read: was) using Sun's Online: Disksuite tool to
stripe/concatenate multiple disks into filesystems that where greater than
2 Gb in size. The dump would die and since Copilot has such a wonderful
tape selection algorithm it reused some of my valid older dumps. The point is:
not all of Sun's tools work together, and they neglect to mention these points.

If you are NOT going to try to push the boundaries of UNIX and have a
fairly vanilla site, Backup Copilot is a fairly decent product. Just
don't be lulled into a false sense of safety like I was -- STAY
VIGILENT! Of course, this piece of advice is meant to apply to all of
your backup needs, regardless of what package you are using.

Thanks to all who sent or offerered to send a copy of their personal scripts.
A special thanks to John @ Monsanto for injecting a little bit of reality
into this search -- reminding me that a couple thousand dollars to keep a
company's data secure is money well spent.

The OVERWHELMING answer to my question for a free package seems to be AMANDA,
which is available via anonymous ftp at I will
definately be checking out this package.

In the class for products that actually cost something (some more than a
couple somethings) Legato's Networker seems to be the clear winner among
the respondents with a somewhat dishonorable mention for Budtool.

Well, I hope I have been some help to others out there. You have all been
a wonderful help to me. Thanks again to everyone!


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