From: Martin J. Burke (
Date: Mon Nov 22 1993 - 04:48:13 CST

Thanks to all who replied to my message. I also would like to apologize
for not paying closer attention to the policy document.

Thanks to
   (Mark S. Anderson) for sending me
    the policy documents and FAQ.

The overall response was to try the wuftp daemon available at

It works great thank you.

My orginal message;

>Hello all,
> Ever notice when you anonymously ftp into some sites they have a neat
>version of ftp that notifies you of what's in the directory your in, and tells
>you where things are when you log in. I am trying to find the software that
>will allow me to put up messages when someone ftp's in ( either anonymously or
>normally ).
>Example from
>>Welcome to This is an experimental server.
>>Please report trouble to
>>Access is allowed all day.
>>All transfers to are logged with your host name and email
>>address. If you don't like this policy, disconnect now!
>>If your FTP client crashes or hangs shortly after login, try using a
>>dash (-) as the first character of your password. This will turn off
>>the informational messages which may be confusing your ftp client.
>>Please read the file README
> >it was last modified on Sat Aug 1 10:07:38 1992 - 465 days ago
>>Guest login ok, access restrictions apply.
>>Logged into
> I do not have source code for ftpd so any help would be appreciated.
> Thank you
> Martin Burke
Thanks to
    Brett M Hogden - <>
    Brian T. Shelden - <>
    Dave Curado - <>
    Fuat C. Baran - <>
    George D M Ross - <>
    Gary Richardson - <>
    Joaquim F. Soares - <>
    Kent Tse - <>
    Kevin Sheehan - <>
    George Pallas - <> Who also sugested
    Paul Southworth - <>
    Phil Green - <>
    Ric Anderson - <ric@CS.Arizona.EDU>
    Stephan Deutsch - <>
                                who suggested
    Jochen Bern - <bern@kleopatra.Uni-Trier.DE>
    Brian Decker - <>
    Richard H. Miller - <>

                                Martin Burke

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