SUMMARY : SAF problem

From: Charles Bueche (
Date: Fri Nov 19 1993 - 01:13:55 CST

My original article :

: Hello Solaris gurus,
: When I boot my Sun LX (Solaris 2.2), the saf seems
: to generate a lot of disk activity, filling up some files :
: /var/adm/wtmp
: /var/adm/wtmpx
: /var/sadm/_log
: The last one is filled with messages saying that
: "<tcp> has died - trying to restart"
: "starting port monitor <tcp>"
: or something equivalent.
: This started to happen after I changed the IP address
: for subnetting eason.


As you can guess, the problem was linked with the IP address
change. The old address was stored in a file, confusing the
SAF startup procedure.

I have got two answers, but I tried only the first one,
which fixed the problem. I guess the second one would
fix it too, since it change directly the problem at the
source : the old IP address.

Many thanks to Craig Hollenbaugh & Mark Benard who answered
so quickly.

Solution 1
From: Craig Hollenbaugh <>

I'm sure not a solaris guru - had the box for about 2 months - but I
experienced the same problem. I fixed it by removing the tcp service:
       "sacadm -r -p tcp"
Then restarting it in listen mode:
       sacadm -a -p tcp -t listen -c "/usr/lib/saf/listen tcp" -v
`nlsadmin -V` -y "Printer Service"

Solution 2
From: Mark Benard <>

Your old IP address is embedded in the file /etc/saf/tcp/_pmtab:

In the following 2 lines, XXXXXXXX is the IP address is hex.


You can solve the problem and not worry about future IP address changes by
replacing XXXXXXXX by 00000000.

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