SUMMARY:SunNet Manager SET-tool problem

From: Patrick Hanel (
Date: Wed Nov 17 1993 - 00:14:50 CST

I got this answer to my question
The cure is to enter the string as hex with spaces (80 00 20) .What i did put all the
hex numbers without spaces .

Thanx Richard

>Could someone explain why the Sun-net manager set tool is complaining about this:

>We have an object in our mib (dot1FDBPortVector) that describes the forwarding
>characteristics of an mac entry in the bridge forwarding and filtering database.
>The mib2schema sw formats the entry like this:

> readwrite octet[155] dot1dFDBPortVector

Since the type is octet, SNM expects you to type strings like
80 00 20 ff a1, i.e. a hexadecimal string (in this case for (decimal): 128
0 32 255 161).
To be able to input human readable strings, you'll need to change the
type from octet to string:
                readwrite string[155]

Hope this helps,


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