SUMMARY: recovering tape tar-files

Date: Thu Nov 11 1993 - 09:47:54 CST

Recently I saw a question posted about how to recover tar-files from tapes givi
ng I/O errors. I didn't see a summary yet but I have a solution, so I summarize

System: SparcStation 2
SunOs: 4.1.1
Tape drive: Sun archive 150Mb tape
Problem: how do I read past I/O errors in tar files to recover data

Solution: you must get the program tarx from:
     in /usenet/comp.sources.unix/volume24/tarx.gz
     in /pub/misc/tarx.gz

i retrieved the program from the first address. I have recovered tar-files from
 3 tapes in a row. I have not yet checked the data (there must be holes in it d
ue to the skipped I/O errors) since the data belongs to a user. The program is
easy to compile and to use, and I think it is great |

Some time ago I also posted a question about switching off some of the 6 fans
in a Sun 4/330 to reduce the noise level. We have two 4/330 in our computer
room and they were terribly noisy. I didn't receive much feedback on this so
I didn't summarize. As I said the 4/330 were noisy, I switched off 3 of the
rear fans (12cm by 12cm fans) and the 4/300 have been running for 1 and a half
months with no problems. I must point out though that the 4/300 tends to
gather a LOT of dust inside since it is a tower standing machine, i.e. close
to the ground. You need to clean it by taking it apart once a year. I will
mail details to anyone interested.
I obviously take no responsibility for any problems/damage occurring to your


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