SUMMARY: flexlm SunOs 4.1.x

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Date: Wed Nov 10 1993 - 22:33:29 CST


My question:
>we have been having a strange problem with flexlm V2.4 on SunOs 4.1.3.
>When I start my license deamon on Sun 4.1.3 diskless version,
>I have this error:
>10/29 14:32:53 (lmgrd) FLEXlm - Copyright 1988, 1992, Highland Software, Inc.
>10/29 14:32:54 (lmgrd) FLEXlm (v2.40c) started on triton (Sun) (10/29/93)
>10/29 14:32:54 (lmgrd) License file: "/usr/valid/share/license/license.57650c93>4"
>10/29 14:32:57 (lmgrd) Started cdslmd
>10/29 14:33:03 (cdslmd) Cannot open daemon lock file
>10/29 14:33:03 (lmgrd) MULTIPLE "cdslmd" servers running.
>10/29 14:33:03 (lmgrd) Please kill, and run lmreread
>10/29 14:33:03 (lmgrd)
>10/29 14:33:03 (lmgrd) This error probably results from either:
>10/29 14:33:03 (lmgrd) 1. Another copy of lmgrd running
>10/29 14:33:03 (lmgrd) 2. A prior lmgrd was killed with "kill -9"
>10/29 14:33:03 (lmgrd) (which would leave the vendor daemon running)
>10/29 14:33:03 (lmgrd) To correct this, do a "ps -ax | grep cdslmd"
>10/29 14:33:03 (lmgrd) (or equivalent "ps" command)
>10/29 14:33:03 (lmgrd) and kill the "cdslmd" process
>In fact, no servers running !
>We have checked our license file and license daemon: No problem !
>We have check our flexlm install: No problem found !
>When I start on standalone station, the license server runs normally.
>It seems that the problem exist only on diskless station.
>( We check with Solaris 2.2 and SunOs boot server)


          - The ls_checkroot() function has been made a standard part of the
        vendor daemon initialization in FLEXLm v2.4. This check can be
        disabled by setting "ls_do_checkroot" to 0 in ls_vendor.c. Note
        that the ls_checkroot() function will fail on diskless nodes, since
        the diskless node's root directory is not the "real" root of the
        file system. Highland Software does not recommend the use of
        diskless nodes for license server processes; however if you use
        diskless nodes, disable the use of ls_checkroot() in your daemon.

          - As from the above note, please check that ls_do_checkroot is
        disabled in ls_vendor.c. The daemon is to be configured with this

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