SUMMARY SUN 4/110 panic

From: Peter Allott (
Date: Fri Nov 05 1993 - 13:58:55 CST

I asked

===We have just tried to upgrage a 4/110 to 4.1.3
===We find that if you give a limit command eg
=== limit coredumpsize 0
===the next command to that c-shell causes the system to crash
==='panic BAD TRAP'
===We've got SUN looking at this, but I wonder if any clues from
===the 'net' might speed things up for us.

Joseph Szabo "mblisd!isdserv1!"

Has suggested the problem is due to the rev level of our CPU board.

This seem very likely - particularly as he reported the same problem.

In the event of this not being our problem I will post again.


Peter Allott, Computing Service, University of Essex,

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