Re: Is an HP 4M a rugged printer? (and mini-SUMMARY)

From: Nina Yuan (
Date: Thu Nov 04 1993 - 17:53:36 CST (Elizabeth Schwartz) writes:

>So, I'm pushing very hard to get an HP 4si, but we're not sure we can
>fund it this year. I am wondering how rugged the HP 4M is? The HP 4MP
>and 4L are clearly personal-quality printers and not rated to survive
>in a 4,000 ppm environment, but it is hard to tell about the 4M.
>Has anyone here used a 4M in a lab? We are worried about durability,
>ease of maintenance, ability to stand a few bumps, etc. Would this be
>a good choice for us if we can't get a 4si?

We have been using a LJ 4M for about, oh, a year or so, as the primary
laser printer in our small-to-medium lab. It's printed about 20,000
pages or so, and has worked very well. Maintenance has consisted only
of changing the toner. Can't comment on the ability to withstand
bumps, since I don't think it's been moved since its installation.

Just my two cents; hope this helps,

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