SUMMARY: Disk Partition c

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Date: Mon Nov 01 1993 - 08:25:06 CST

Question was:

> Is there any reason that I should not put a file system on partition c
> of a disk? I have someone here who insists that it shouldn't be done
> but cannot give me a technical reason.
> I am aware of handling cylinder 0 with care because of the disk label,
> and that file systems handle cylinder 0 itself.
> Any comments or solutions to this debate?

Near agreement that partition C is just another partition with
no special requirements. It is simply convention that it is preset
to the entire disk. Someone said that the format utility actually
made the label entry. It makes sense although I didn't know that, nor
have I tested it.

"It's all superstition." according to a Sun SSE, that partition C
cannot be used for a fileing system. Others called the practice of
not using partition C "religous," "tradition," and simply a guideline.

Many people said that they are currently doing this and sent df's of
their systems to illustrate.

Personally, I will continue to use partition C when necessary. Why
take the extra time to put the same parameters on a different partion?
KISS principle.

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