summary: NIS netgroup problem

From: Philip Wickline (philip@ALLEGORY.CS.WESLEYAN.EDU)
Date: Sun Oct 31 1993 - 16:47:31 CST

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Hello all!

        Here's the problem: I can't seem to set up netgroup properly. I want to have a netgroup that I can put in my /etc/host.equiv files (like this +@csnet ) that will allow all the machines in a particular domain to to be trusted hosts. If I have the triple (,, it lets anyone ANYWHERE in the world log in (not good). But if I specify a hostname, i.e., (crab,, it won't even let the people on crab log in. What's up? Has anyone out there successfully done this? If so sending me t


p.s. I'm using SunOS 4.1.3

Hi. Thanks to everyone that responded (there were far too many to list)

It seems that the way that the net group triple works is this.

(host, user, domain)

where domain is an NIS domain. (that was part of my confusion)

the reason that (crab,, didn't work for me is that I needed to specify the entire adress in the host field, i.e.


some sites do not need to specify the entire hostname (hostname.domainname), but apparently some sites do.

thanks again to everyone.


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