SUMMARY : how to get /usr partition or the /bin commands

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Date: Sun Oct 31 1993 - 07:12:43 CST

Hello everyone,

        Thanks for the great help. I used the suggestions to get my
system running again. But I faced nother problem which I have included with the solution below.

        Before anything, I don't know why my mail picked up the mail server
address of the sun-managers mailing list. I apologize for the wrong from
address and thanks to everyone for forwarding the bounced mail !!.

        I am not sure if my previuos summary made it to the list. If not
we are having some seriuos problems here. If it did sorry for wasting b/w.

        My problem was as below.

        I have a problem here that is real messy b'cos of a stupid mistake.
I deleted the /usr stuff from my fstab file. Now I have problems bcos
the server is the one affected (Sparc server 330). All I need is the command
"cp" to copy back my old fstab file back to the new one. But none of the
commands work bcos of lack of bin.

        I tried echo to append to the file but got the message that the file
system is read only. When I boot up I go into the state where it says
run fsck...., file partitions are not mounted properly, etc.....

        Is there a way ( I hope there is a simple one) by which I can copy
the fstab file in my /etc directory back to old stuff. I get a /usr from
the system which has no directory in it. All I need is some way of
accessing the commands.


        I used the statically linked sbin/mount to mount the partitions by
hand and the used the options remount,rw to make them writeable. /etc/rc.single also helped.

        I had a problem, even now have it, when I tried the CDROM(miniroot)

        SYSTEM - Sparc server 4/330
        OS - SunOS 4.1.2

        The message I got (after building and trying to install the miniroot)

        "XXXXXX" != "YYYYYYY"

        trying to boot anyway.

        PC error at ......... "XXXXXX" != "YYYYYY"

with 4.1.3 CDROM I got the error

        " memory alignment error " and it crashed. We have called SUN but
 no solution yet.

If any of you have faced this problem and know the way out, pl. let me know.

Again if the mail bounces pl excuse me we have to fix the problem for sure
this time.

Thanks to the following folks for their help.

"Robert D. Worsham" <>
Pauline van Winsen - Uniq Professional Services <> (Mark S. Anderson) (Eric Stone - Fusion New York)
 Benoit Lefebvre <> (Adam Shostack)
Mike Raffety <>
Bertil Roslund <> (Sumner Hushing) (Lorena Abbott)
Mr T Crummey (DIJ) <> (Chad Netzer) (Robert J. Cronin)
mblisd!isdserv1!joseph@Aus.Sun.COM (Joseph "Mr. Data" Szabo) (james mularadelis)
Cengiz Oezcan-Barlach <> (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)

email :


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