Summary:Illegible console text colour after quitting X

Date: Sat Oct 30 1993 - 20:33:56 CDT

My original question:

> When our users logout from X11 (either X11R5/Motif or OW3)
> their console screens are frequently left with the text set to some arbitrary
> colour on a white background - not a big problem until the colour is white or
> almost white i.e unreadable. In these cases the machine gives the false
> impression of being hung.

Everyone who replied pointed clear_colormap(1) which appears to do
exactly what we need. Obvious really.

Many thanks to:
        Bill Reed
        Brian T Shelden <
        John C Hasley
        (and any others whose replies are in the pipeline)
Andrew Long
 Philips Medical Systems -Radiotherapy

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