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Greetings fellow snm's...

Let us consider for a moment a SPARCstation LX, running Solaris 2.2 mounting
its mail from a Solaris 1.1 host. It is mounting /var/spool/mail onto /var/mail.

I have the following patches installed:

100992-01/ 101014-02/ 101025-03/ 101031-01/ 100999-13/ 101027-03/

The strangeness (other than "normal" Solaris behaviour) is suddenly now after
this station was brought up and patched, mailtool does not function properly.

It will come up normally. You can execute any function thereof except DONE.

When he selects DONE, the tool thinks a minute, closes, thinks a few more
minutes, then vanishes. No core. No errors. And it does NOT update the mail

Any clues?


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The answer to this problem was that the newer mailtool (or some part of the
Solaris 2.2 mail system) has a problem with long headers, specifically if it
has to deal with one of those "beautiful" X.400 addresses, which, in our case,
it did. The symptom is that you cannot delete any messages from your mail inbox.

The solution is to log into a Solaris 1.x system, bring up mailtool and clear
out your entire mail spool inbox and save. Then you can use it again on
your Solaris 2.2 system. Someone mentioned that patch 101012-01 solved this
problem. I cannot comment as I have not installed it, however doing the above
clearing method solved our problem... of course
until the next too long X.400 or other address comes in. So as far as I am
concerned, no more patching! (Until 2.3 ... ;-) )

Thanks to the following for their help ...

"Susan Thielen" <>
Ian MacPhedran <>
Bertil Roslund <>
jhui@magma.COM (Johnny Hui) (George Pallas) (Russ Poffenberger) (Dave Curado)
mhcnet!lbd (Leslie_B_Dreyer Kalra) (Merik Karman)

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