SUMMARY: Help setting up PC-NFS

From: Jim Poland (
Date: Wed Oct 27 1993 - 13:20:39 CDT

Thank you to those who responded to my post. The original post:

> Help! I'm trying to set up PC-NFS 5.0 and am almost there... Everything
> works except Windows. I can mount, telnet, ftp, etc. from the DOS
> command line, but one user wants to do this from Windows. When Windows
> starts, the logo screen appears, then I'm returned to the DOS prompt.
> I'm not a PC person, and don't know where to begin to look to solve this.
> PC: Dell 466/ME
> Ethernet card: 3Com Etherlink II/16 (3C503-16)
> Ethernet driver: NDIS
> PC-NFS version 5.0, fully installed, default configuration except for:
> Interrupt: 5
> Subnet mask:
> pcnfsd installed on SS IPX running 4.1.3
> I loaded some devices high (non the ethernet drivers) and there was no
> difference.
> I am able to start Windows if I remove the line "net init" from
> autoexec.bat. I get a message that the network software has not been
> started. "net init" appears in autoexec.bat before "rtm" - could this be
> a problem?

Suggestions were:
        1) run 'net init' before 'rtm'
        2) load drivers high except for the ethernet card's driver
        3) run 'setup' in the windows directory and set network to
          none installed

I followed the suggestions and Windows still didn't work. Jennifer at Sun
instructed me to edit the system.ini file in the windows directory to
set the following:
        network.drv=pcnfs network installed


The problem was that 'winstall' doesn't always put network=pcnfs.386 before
network=*dosnet,... and running 'winstall' more than once causes multiple
network=*dosnet,*vnetbios lines to be inserted in system.ini, thus killing
windows on startup. Be sure to scan the entire 386Enh section. I had extra
network= lines throughout it.

Suggestions from:
Phillip White <>
Gilbert Lee Huppert <>
Ray W. Hiltbrand <>
Mike Loewen <>

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