SUMMARY: Dump params for EXB-4200; Multi-volume dumps

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Date: Mon Oct 25 1993 - 11:54:12 CDT

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>I need the dump parameters for an EXABYTE EXB-4200 2 Gb tape backup.
>I have a Sun SPARC 2 running 4.1.3. It's on SCSI address 5 (/dev/rst1).
>The faq only addressed the EXB-8200.
>What are the ramifications of getting the dump parameters wrong?
>Also, I want to make multi-volume archives on a single tape. 'tar', 'bar', nor
>'dump' seem to be able to do this with cartiridge tapes (even with -n on dump).
>Am I missing something? Is there any 2nd party software that will do this?

Thanks to those who responded:

From: (Eckhard Rueggeberg)
From: len@contec.COM (Leonard Mills)
From: (Ned Danieley)
From: "David L. Elliott" <>

David Elliot has just installed an EXB-4200 and was very helpful. I chose to
summarize one of his messages.

>I just installed an Exabyte 4200 (and posted a request like yours). From
>the 2 replies, a call to Exabyte and some experimentation I found that
>the Exab.4200 is a "smart" drive and handles end-of-tape well; you just
>make the parameters large enough to make sure you use all the tape:
>su root
>#dump 0dsbf 61000 6000 124 /dev/nrst0 /dev/rsd0a
>dumps my root partition with blocking factor 124 (you want it this large)
>while the 61000 is the right bpi, and the 6000 is just "large" (i think
> Note the nrst0; this is the non-rewind option (even though dump will
>claim it's rewinding the tape, it isn't ). Just as the System Administration
>Manual (Ch. 6, pp 20-26, File Maintenance) explains, just keep on typing
>in (preferably with a script to avoid mistakes) additional dump commands,
>identical except for the partition dumped... thus
>#dump 0dsbf 61000 6000 124 /dev/nrst0 /dev/rsd0g
>would be my next one, for /usr.
>When you need to restore, note the s key:
>#restore tfs /dev/rst0 2
>would list to stdout the contents of the /usr dump.

The EXB-4200 did require a kernel mod. The following was adapted from responses from
Exabyte and Falcon Systems technical support.

 Joop van der Peet
  Exabyte Technical Support
  email :
  tel : 303 447 7187
  fax : 303 442 2635

> Exabyte 4200 on a Sun Workstation running SunOS 4.1.3
>As root, edit "/usr/sys/scsi/targets/st_conf.c" and insert the text
>between the dashed lines to define the new drive to the system:

/* Exabyte 4MM 2GB cartridge */
"Exabyte EXB-4200 4MM Helical Scan", 16, "EXABYTE EXB-4200",
ST_TYPE_EXB4200, 512,
5000, 5000,
{ 0, 0, 0, 0 }
{ 0, 0, 0, 0 }

>You must also edit "/usr/sys/scsi/targets/stdef.h" and add the
>following line:

#define ST_TYPE_EXB4200 0x30 /*Exabyte 2BG Compression DAT*/

Note that these entries are slightly different for the EXB-4200C (4 Gb w/

Hope this helps someone.


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