SUMMARY: Copy/Paste keys for Type5 and xterm

From: Kevin Hammond (
Date: Thu Oct 21 1993 - 20:23:20 CDT

Original question:

> I remember a long while back that someone had posted an .Xresources file for
> an xterm to recognize the Sun Copy/Paste keys with a Type 5 keyboard.
> Could someone send it again? Also, if there is any information available with
> using all of the keys (both keypad and L-function keys) with X11R5 and the
> Type5 keyboard, I'd appreciate a point in the right direction.


A few people asked for "me too" on this one. I also got a flamed due to the
fact that the information requested was already archived (See the FAQ).

Hence, I will not post the copies of the .Xdefaults files I received. For
those of you who need them and cannot get them from the archive (for one
reason or another), please e-mail me and I'll send them to you.

I am still looking for someone who has a .xmodmaprc file that sets up a Type5
keyboard for X in general, and not just an xterm.

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