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Date: Wed Oct 20 1993 - 16:38:08 CDT

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        We are in the process of upgrading our backup systems. We are using
Exabyte stackers (EXB-10i) now and try to get the Lago's DataWheel. But
we want to get the backup software to work on both systems. Is anyone out
there using Lago's DataWheel? How do you like it? What software do you use?
Any related information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

        Not that many people are using carousel backup system yet, I
guess. Anyway, the Amanda from University of Maryland seems to be a very
nice network backup package and in my opinion, it out-performs some
commercial packages in some area. Unfortunatly, it doesn't support
carousel yet. So we are testing other packages like Networker, Budtool,
QuickRestore, ... and they all are nice to some extent. We'll see after
we test them. In a nutshell, if you only use exabyte tape drive or
exabyte jukebox and don't care too much GUI then by all means go for
Amanda. I would like to thank the following people for their reply: <John A. Murphy> <Larry Freeman> <Brian Holgate>
and James da Silva of University of Maryland -- the author of the Amanda

 Bin Zhao  <>

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