SUMMARY: Sparcworks Patch 100807-02

From: Phill St-Louis (
Date: Wed Oct 20 1993 - 05:45:36 CDT

My original question:

>When I try to install patch 100807-02 on Solaris 2.2 machines
>(Sparc Classics), I get the following error message:
> The original software package does not exist, or there are
> inconsistent pkginfo values between patch and original pkg.
> Compare pkginfo values for PKG, ARCH, or VERSION.
> Installpatch has been terminated.
>I read the FAQ, used gopher to find that I needed the 100807-02 patch
>and then fiddled unsuccessfully with the thing to try to get it to work.
>Is there a newer version of the patch or a some fix that will get it to
>work on Solaris 2.2.
>Asside: this patch is for the following problem:
>When I start sparcworks, the error message that comes up is
> ./sparcworks: relocation error: symbol not found: XwcDrawString: referenced in /usr/openwin/lib/

Everyone said that the patch should work, but I still could not get it to

The CD that I received recently has SPARCworks version 2.1.1 on it and it did
not have a package called SPROswmgr(Tools_manager). (Note that I mount the
CD on a 4.1.3 machine. Is there another filesystem on the CD on a different

I did get the sparcworks application to work by copying it to the location
where I had done the installation. (I did not use /opt for my install, but
I do have a symbolic link from /opt/SUNWspro to the correct alternate
partition. The patch never did work; I did try everything that everyone

thanks to (Sumner Hushing) (Reggie Dugard) (Eckhard.Rueggeberg) (Alain Brossard) (David L. Markowitz)

If more information comes in, I will gladly summarize again.


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