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Date: Mon Oct 18 1993 - 11:29:42 CDT

1.My question was:

> Subject: Ethernet-ONLY SBUS Card for SPARC 10
> Does it exist ?..
> We do not need fast SCSI, nor parallel port on this board.
> Thank you in advance

2.My SUMMARY was:
>Subject: SUMMARY: Ethernet-ONLY SBUS Card for SPARC 10
>Hello, sun-managers,
>first of all - statistics:
>Vendor Product No. of messages
>SUN X453A 3
>Artecon SB-SE200 3
>Antares ? 1
>Nobody said "i plugged and it plaid".
>I've tested:

>X453A from SUN and 20-050-0003 from Antares
>- them don't work with SPARC 10.
>So the last resort is SB-SE200 from Artecon
>- i will check it soon...

3.After checking the Artecon card i can say : NO !
It doesn't work on our SPARC 10/30.

Here is responce from Artecon :

>I am the Engineering Manager at Artecon.
>Our catalog reflects the SE200
>Ethernet Card that is not a released Product. I am expecting
>the Release by the end of the month. What you have received is
>our older non-buffered Ethernet card that is not supported on
>the Sparc 10. I will be happy to replace your SE-200 card
>with our new buffered Ethernet SE-200.
>Jonathan Tate
>Engineering Manager

...and from Hal Stern (thanks, Hal) :

> you *really*
> want to use a buffered card on a sun4m machine, because
> without it you run the risk of slowing down or hanging
> the machine...
> --hal

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