SUMMARY: AnswerBook 1.3 won't start

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Date: Sun Oct 17 1993 - 03:53:01 CDT

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Text item: AnswerBook 1.3 env vars

>Hi folks,
>Long time ago i installed Answerbook on ELC running 4.1.3
>Since that .cshrc file was corrupted and i had to recreate a new one.
>Now i'm missing some env variables to run an Answerbook.
>my-machine% answerbook
>Verifying environment ... bookinfo: No bookinfo file.
>Make sure $BOOKINFO is set correctly.
>answerbook cannot start until these problems have been fixed
>Please report these error messages to the system administrator
>I tried: setenv BOOKINFO /home/AnswerBook/SysSoft1.3 and got other messg:
>Verifying environment ... bookinfo: No entry for book syssoft_ab
>Would someone send me necessary env vars?
>Thanx in advance.
>--Misha Pavlov.
>Systems & Network Administrator
>Trans Ocean Express Ltd.
>425 Park Ave. 22nd Fl, New York, NY 10022
>+1 212 486-0008

Answerbook 1.3 with HD based installation won't start without:

1. ABHOME, BOOKINFO, PATH pointed to:
ABHOME your_ab_directory

2. Correct bookinfo file
To recreate one after the path to the AnswerBook directories was changed:
mkbookinfo -f bookinfo_file_location

Sorry, that i wasn't specific about the version and installation type.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank's A LOT, folks ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When you install Answerbook, the install takes care of all env vars for you.
I go back and look at my .cshrc and find no setenv set for answerbook.
Do a printenv, don't find any setenv set for AnswerBook.
My system is SS10 with SunOS V4.1.3 and I mounted that disk over the network
Fyi, you can go back and look at the Answerbook install info in directory
--Aline H. Runde

My BOOKINFO variable is set to /usr/local/AnswerBook/bookinfo
IE it must include the name of the actual bookinfo file not just the
directory it's stored in.
--Peter Samuel Email:

I use a script to startup my AnswerBook which sets the env I need.
#! /bin/csh -f
# answerbook
# install answerbook 1.4 1050 10Sep93
# mod for now mounted on /cdrom, look for file AnswerBook 1023 10Sep93
# mod location of bin, add LOCA 1205 23Dec92
# mod for cae7 to not find egrep command 1310 08Jul92
# fix some setenv, test for mounted 0824 03Apr92
# original to initiate "answerbook" 1435 02Apr92
set CALL=$0
set LOCA=/home/ebascae7/AnswerBook
# set status to mounted or not
rsh ebascae7 /usr/bin/ls /cdrom | /usr/bin/egrep AnswerBook > /dev/null
if ($status) then
   echo "Answer Book CDROM is not mounted, see the System Administrator."
# set status to "in use" or not
rsh cae7 ps -awwx | /usr/bin/egrep -v 'egrep' | /usr/bin/egrep
'(navigator|docviewer)' > /dev/null
   if ($status) then
      rsh ebascae7 "setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/openwin/lib; setenv DISPLAY
      `hostname`:0; setenv FONTPATH $LOCA/lib/fonts; seten
      echo "Answer Book is in use, try again later."
--Russ Bebb <> (609) 452-0130

Which version are you running? There are only 2 variables I have set
for AB, versions 1.01 for the navigator, 1.0 for the viewer.
If you have a different version, I can't help. Good luck!
ABHOME set to where the binaries are, and
FONTPATH add the font directory...
--David Willard (

I have AnswerBook running locally on my machine and I have these things set:
setenv OPENWINHOME /usr/openwin # set for the Sun Software Answerbook
setenv ABHOME $OPENWINHOME # set for the Sun Software Answerbook
setenv PATH {$PATH}:$ABHOME/bin:$ABHOME/lib/fonts
--Dave Brown

I use the following script to start Answerbook:
# run_answerbook ; start answerbook with appropriate env
setenv ABHOME /home/guinevere/usr3/AnswerBook
setenv BOOKINFO ${ABHOME}/bookinfo
setenv PATH ${PATH}:$ABHOME/bin:$ABHOME/lib/help:$ABHOME/lib/fonts
exec answerbook
--Brian D. Decker

My .cshrc file contains no Answerbook specific env vars. The BOOKINFO env var
is set by the answerbook startup script:
# Set BOOKINFO conditionally
if [ "${BOOKINFO:-NotSet}" = "NotSet" ]; then
Try running it with no Answerbook env vars in your .cshrc
--Randy Olsson

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