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Date: Sat Oct 16 1993 - 09:07:53 CDT

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> Hi managers,

> Does anyone knows if there are 4.1.3 pathes for serial ports, ttysoftcar

> and all kind of this serial crap ?

> -Misha Pavlov.

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There are 2 patches related to tty's which i was reffered to: T100513-04 and 100359-06

First one obsoletes all 100513-XX and according to the bugID 1069768, 1064320

will help me to get rid of the headache.

The second ... well nothing like that happend to me so far (thank's god)

Now, the followup question: do these bugs affect *ONLY* built in serial ports ?

Patch-ID# T100513-04

Date: 20-July-93

SunOS release: 4.1 4.1.1 4.1.2 4.1.3

Keywords: ALM2, serial port, hangs, printer hangs, XON, XOFF, TIOCCONS re-direction

        security console pty dialin dialout drops DTR NULL, panic Bad Trap TIOCSTI,

         HUPCL, flow control incoming CRTSCTS

Topic: Jumbo tty patch

BugId's fixed with this patch: 1048128 1069768 1008324 1040722 1070495 1060689

1064320 1104557 1068641 1056787, 1068641, 1056787

Patches which may conflict with this patch: 100225-02, 100194-02, 100397-01, 100188-02,

        100358-01 and 100414-01. All obsoleted patches.

BugID 1012954:

SunOS does not do RTS/CTS flow control for incoming datastreams, previously

Xon/Xoff flow control had to be used.

BugID 1048128:

When sending output to printers, terminals, plotters etc. using

the ALM2 or zs serial ports with the xon/xoff flow control, the

output may hang intermittently.

Flow control problems exist in SunOS 4.x. After some

extended period of time, the device would send an xoff, and data

would stop. When data is to be resumed with an xon from the device,

the xon seems to have been dropped or ignored because data flow did

not continue.

BugID 1069768:

Sun doesn't respond on xoff at the end of a printjob

BugID 1008324

TIOCCONS can be used to re-direct console output/input away from "console"

BugID 1070495

Kernel programs using pty can get output from previous application

BugID 1040722

Process not letting go of a pty

BugID 1060689

When a port is used for dialing in and dialing out, DTR would be dropped

and processes remain in <exiting> state with data queued for the driver.

BugID 1064320

A remote dialin session using hayes modem drops NULLs


BugID 1104557

In rare circumstances, attempting a TIOCSTI ioctl on a pty, when the

read side of the stream is full, can panic Bad Trap from ttycommon_qfull,

after passing that routine a faulty pointer to the queue.

BugID 1068641, 1056787

SunOS doesn't handle ~HUPCL correctly. Typically this is seen

when one dials in to a Sun zs port, and starts a process which

is supposed to remain attached to the modem after you log off

(E.g. a dialback program). When you log off, SunOS 4.1.3 will

drop DTR. This causes the remaining process to detach from

the modem. Note well that this *won't* be integrated into

future releases.

Patch-ID# 100359-06

Date: 04/Sep/92

SunOS release: 4.1.1 4.1.2 4.1.3

Keywords: panic assertion failure, machine freeze, console printf hangs, jumbo

Topic: Streams Jumbo Patch, revision update for 4.1.3 compatibility

BugId's fixed with this patch: 1068158 1044100 1044888 1047355 1058097 1061174

Bugid 1068158

System crash with assertion failure vp->v_stream when using clone


Bugid 1044100

This patch incorporates the fix for bug id #1044100 which results

in a machine freeze.

Bugid 1044888

This patch also fixes a bug where kernel printf hangs the system.

Bugid 1047355

Polling not working correctly.

Bugid 1058097

System crash with panic data fault, with bad buffer pointer, usually

in the login process.

Bugid 1061174

'poll()' does not return -1 when 'poll()' receives a signal when polling

fds greater than 30.

Bugid 1058097 (11/11/91 100359-03)

The same system crash panic data fault can occur when the ioctl FIONREAD

is being processed.

Many Thanx to:

Peter Samuel

Kevin Cosgrove, P.E. kevinc@solomon.UUCP

Robert J Wolf

Bill Townsley

Glenn Satchell

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